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Make your journey
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An immersive approach to go beyond sightseeing, engaging travelers in the everyday life, traditions, and practices of local communities.

Experiencing local cuisines which provides a deeper connection to the place and its culture.

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Exploring historical and natural wonders is a captivating aspect of travel that connects visitors with the wonders of our world.
Natural phenomena, like witnessing the Northern Lights, exploring vast canyons, or observing wildlife in their natural habitat, provide awe-inspiring experiences.

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Adventure experiences ranging from hiking in remote mountains to scuba diving in vibrant coral reefs.

It's not just about the adrenaline rush; it's about stepping out of comfort zones, discovering new landscapes, and connecting deeply with different cultures and environments.

Experience Local Life

Engaging with local life transforms a visitor into a participant, fostering deeper connections and understanding through shared moments and cultural exchanges.

Tour Packages

Hand-picked Stays

Authentic Experiences

Why Travel with Us

Travel with a hand-picked array of accommodations and experiences 

Designed to make your journey extraordinary.

With comprehensive support throughout your trip for peace of mind.

Fully Customized Journey:

  • Explore at your own pace, according to your interests.
  • Craft your ideal trip with expert guidance from our specialists.
  • Flexibility to alter plans for a personalized experience.
  • Explore hidden gems with a local guide, uncovering the area's best-kept secrets.

Expert Guidance:

  • Specialists with firsthand knowledge from extensive travels or living in their focus areas.
  • A single dedicated expert plans and oversees your trip from start to end.
  • Optimize your itinerary and budget with professional advice.
  • Exclusive access to special rates and unique opportunities through our industry connections.

Authentic Local Experiences:

  • Participate in a community project, offering insight into local life and contributing positively.
  • Immerse yourself in a local festival or ceremony, experiencing cultural traditions first-hand.
  • Spend a day with a farmer or craftsman, learning about traditional practices and lifestyles.
  • Take a local family's cooking class to discover regional culinary secrets.

What our clients say about us​

"Incredible trip with Let's Go Melo! The booking was easy, and our custom itinerary was filled with unique spots. Loved the local experiences – felt like we saw the real side of our destination. Can't wait for our next trip with them!"
Charles Cooper
"Highly recommend Let's Go Melo! Great customer service and our travel specialist was so helpful. The accommodations and experiences were top-notch, making for a truly special trip. Definitely planning another journey with them."
Mary White
"Our journey with Let's Go Melo was unforgettable. Their expert tips maximized our time and budget, offering us deep cultural immersion. The exclusive experiences were a major highlight. Exceptional service all around – excited for our next adventure with them!"
Rachel Harper

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