Types of Tours Available in Saudi Arabia

  • Historical and Cultural Tours:
    • Riyadh City Tours: Discover the capital city’s rich history with visits to the National Museum, Masmak Fortress, and the historic Diriyah, the original home of the Saudi royal family.
    • Jeddah Heritage Tours: Explore the historic Al-Balad district of Jeddah, a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its traditional coral architecture, vibrant souks, and historic mosques.
  • Adventure and Outdoor Tours:
    • Desert Excursions: Experience the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia with activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, and camping under the stars in the Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali).
    • Rock Climbing and Hiking: Explore the rock formations and scenic landscapes of the Al-Ula region, including the famous Elephant Rock and the ancient Nabatean tombs at Hegra (Madain Saleh).
  • Marine and Coastal Tours:
    • Red Sea Diving and Snorkeling: Discover the vibrant marine life and coral reefs of the Red Sea, with diving and snorkeling tours departing from coastal cities like Jeddah and Yanbu.
    • Island Hopping in Farasan Islands: Explore the pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Farasan Islands, a paradise for snorkeling, bird-watching, and enjoying nature.
  • Cultural and Heritage Tours:
    • Al-Ula and Madain Saleh Tours: Visit the ancient city of Al-Ula and the nearby archaeological site of Madain Saleh, featuring well-preserved tombs and rock carvings from the Nabatean civilization.
    • Taif Rose Festival Tours: Experience the annual Rose Festival in Taif, where you can visit rose farms, see traditional rose water distillation processes, and enjoy the fragrant blooms.
  • Nature and Wildlife Tours:
    • Asir National Park Tours: Explore the mountainous Asir National Park, home to diverse flora and fauna, scenic landscapes, and the unique culture of the Asiri people.
    • Edge of the World Tours: Visit the dramatic escarpments of the Edge of the World near Riyadh, offering breathtaking views and opportunities for hiking and picnicking.
  • Shopping and Market Tours:
    • Riyadh Souq Tours: Wander through traditional markets like Souq Al Zal and Souq Al Thumairi in Riyadh, where you can shop for traditional crafts, spices, and antiques.
    • Jeddah Corniche and Red Sea Mall Tours: Explore the modern and traditional shopping experiences in Jeddah, including the scenic Corniche and the expansive Red Sea Mall.
  • Gastronomic Tours:
    • Saudi Cuisine Tours: Indulge in Saudi culinary delights on guided food tours, sampling traditional dishes like kabsa, mutabbaq, and jareesh in local restaurants and markets.
    • Date Farm Tours: Visit date farms in regions like Al-Qassim and Al-Hasa to learn about the cultivation of dates, taste fresh varieties, and see how they are processed.
  • Religious and Pilgrimage Tours:
    • Makkah and Madinah Tours: For Muslim visitors, experience the spiritual journey of visiting the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, including the Grand Mosque (Masjid al-Haram) and the Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid an-Nabawi).
    • Historical Mosques and Sites Tours: Visit significant Islamic sites and historical mosques throughout the country, such as the Quba Mosque in Madinah and the Jawatha Mosque in Al-Hasa.
  • Sports and Recreation Tours:
    • Formula E and Motorsport Tours: Attend major motorsport events like the Formula E races in Diriyah, and explore the country’s growing interest in car racing and sports.
    • Golf Tours: Play golf at premier courses such as the Royal Greens Golf & Country Club in King Abdullah Economic City, which offers world-class facilities and stunning views.
  • Day 1-2: Riyadh to Al-Dariyah Day 1: Explore Riyadh’s sustainable architecture and visit the King Abdullah Financial District for its green spaces. Day 2: Travel to the Al-Dariyah UNESCO site. Participate in a conservation project or a workshop on the preservation of cultural heritage. Day 3-4: NEOM and the Red Sea Project Day 3: Fly [...]

    Day 1-3: Riyadh’s Fashion Forwardness Day 1: Arrival in Riyadh. Visit the Fashion Commission for a view of Saudi’s fashion initiatives. Attend a fashion show if available. Day 2: Explore luxury shopping in Al Nakheel, including local designer boutiques. Participate in a fashion workshop focusing on Saudi traditional attire meeting contemporary design. Day 3: Visit [...]

    Day 1-2: Riyadh’s Literary Scene Day 1: Visit the King Fahd National Library, attending a literary workshop or a poetry reading in the evening. Day 2: Explore Riyadh’s vibrant book cafes and independent bookstores. Attend a talk by a Saudi author. Day 3-4: Jeddah’s Historic Chronicles Day 3: Travel to Jeddah. Tour historic Al-Balad, focusing [...]

    Day 1-3: Taif’s Mountain Adventures Day 1: Arrival in Taif. Engage in mountain biking through the Al Hada mountain roads. Day 2: Experience paragliding over the Al Shafa mountains, enjoying breathtaking views. Day 3: Visit the Taif Rose Plantation and enjoy a leisurely hiking trail. Day 4-5: Jeddah’s Water Sports Day 4: Travel to Jeddah. [...]

    Day 1-3: Medina’s Spiritual Heritage Day 1: Arrival in Medina. Visit the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi for spiritual reflection (note: certain areas may be restricted for non-Muslim visitors). Day 2: Explore the Quba Mosque and Mount Uhud, engaging in peaceful contemplation. Day 3: Participate in community service activities, offering a chance to give back and connect with [...]

    Day 1-2: Riyadh’s Technological Marvels Day 1: Visit the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. Participate in interactive workshops and explore advancements in energy and space. Day 2: Explore the Digital City, witnessing the intersection of technology and urban living. Attend a seminar or workshop on technology’s role in the future of cities. Day [...]

    Day 1-2: Riyadh Art Scene Day 1: Visit the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran by a short domestic flight if starting from Riyadh, exploring its museums and art galleries. Day 2: Explore Riyadh’s contemporary art galleries like Noor Riyadh for modern art installations and light sculptures. Visit the Riyadh Front for [...]

    Day 1-2: Riyadh Day 1: Urban exploration and visit the Edge of the World for sunset views. Day 2: A day trip to the Red Sand Dunes for sandboarding and a desert quad bike tour. Day 3-4: Al-Ula Day 3: Arrival in Al-Ula, visit Elephant Rock, and evening stargazing tour. Day 4: Adventure day with [...]

    Day 1-2: Riyadh Day 1: Culinary tour of Riyadh, including traditional restaurants and a cooking class focusing on Saudi cuisine. Day 2: Visit the Dates Market and a Saudi coffee tasting experience. Day 3-4: Al-Qassim Day 3: Travel to Al-Qassim, known for its farms. Visit a date farm and participate in date picking. Day 4: [...]

    Day 1-2: Riyadh’s Family Attractions Day 1: Visit the Riyadh Zoo and King Abdullah Park for family-friendly activities. Day 2: Explore the interactive exhibits at the Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy. Day 3-4: Jeddah Water Fun Day 3: Travel to Jeddah. Spend the day at the Fakieh Aquarium, observing marine life. Day [...]

    Day 1-2: Riyadh to Edge of the World Day 1: Explore Riyadh’s cultural landmarks. In the evening, prepare for a desert journey. Day 2: Venture to the Edge of the World for breathtaking views and sunset. Overnight camping under the stars. Day 3-4: Al-Nafud Desert Day 3: Travel to the Al-Nafud Desert. Experience a camel [...]

    Day 1-3: Medina Day 1: Arrival and visit to the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi and surrounding sites. Day 2: Explore Islamic historical sites such as Quba Mosque and Qiblatain Mosque. Day 3: Day trip to the Battle of Uhud site and visit to the Islamic University of Medina. Day 4-7: Mecca Day 4: Travel to Mecca and [...]

    Day 1-2: Historical Jeddah Day 1: Explore Al-Balad, Jeddah’s historic district, and the Naseef House. Day 2: Visit the Jeddah Corniche in the morning and the Floating Mosque in the evening. Day 3: Taif Excursion Day trip to Taif known for its roses, cooler climate, and the Shubra Palace. Day 4-5: Ancient Al-Ula Day 4: [...]

    Week 1: Days 1-3: Riyadh’s history and modernity. Days 4-5: Edge of the World and a desert camping experience. Days 6-7: Travel to Abha, explore the Asir National Park, and the Rijal Almaa village. Week 2: Days 8-9: Al-Ula and Hegra. Days 10-11: Medina’s cultural experience (surrounding area exploration for non-Muslims). Days 12-13: Jeddah’s historical [...]

    Day 1-2: Riyadh Day 1: National Museum, Masmak Fortress, and local dining. Day 2: Edge of the World trip for breathtaking desert landscapes. Day 3-4: Al-Ula Day 3: Arrival and exploration of Al-Ula’s oasis and old town. Day 4: Full day tour of Hegra and the Lihyanite tombs. Day 5: Medina Spend a day in [...]

    Saudi Arabia Tour Packages

    Short City Break (2-3 Days)in Riyadh

    Day 1: Riyadh Exploration Morning: Visit the National Museum of Saudi Arabia to grasp the country’s history. Afternoon: Explore the Masmak Fortress and the surrounding Deira Souq for traditional crafts. Evening: Dine in the Al Nakheel district to sample traditional Saudi cuisine. Day 2: Modern Riyadh Morning: Start with a visit to the King Abdulaziz [...]

    Day 1-2: Abha Day 1: Start in Abha, a city in the Asir Province. Visit the Asir National Park for hiking and to see the rich biodiversity. Day 2: Explore the Al-Soudah Park, enjoy the cable car ride, and witness the stunning views of the mountains and valleys. Day 3-4: Tabuk Day 3: Travel to [...]

    Day 1-3: Riyadh Day 1: Start in Riyadh, the capital. Visit the National Museum to understand Saudi Arabia’s history, culture, and Islamic heritage. Explore the Masmak Fortress, capturing the essence of Saudi Arabia’s foundation. Day 2: Visit Diriyah, a UNESCO World Heritage site, known as the birthplace of the Saudi state. Spend your day exploring [...]